>>> Dear Present Self,

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Dear Present Self,

Life is so different now that I’ve completed Lambda School. I’ve been endorsed by Lambda School and I never thought that I would learn so much code at a fast pace. I finally feel more confident in my abilities to look at code and understand how it works. I feel like I started Lambda School to find a greater purpose and satisfy my need for all that is tech. I joined Lambda with the intention of improving my soft skills and leadership skills so that I could someday join a developer team that shares the same goals as I do. I am always wanting to challenge myself and see how far I can go. I’m working on cover letters and have challenged myself to submit at least 100 applications a week to find my dream robotics career.


Many robotics careers require Python or C++ experience. I challenge you to write one line of code a day and increase that to one block of code a day when you’re more comfortable.

Start a conversation

Network and revisit old friends who may share your love of code and maybe get their advice or you might hear of new content or software you’ve never heard of before. Even just a short message or a short Zoom call may go a long way.

Some light reading

You can still learn a lot with some light code. I recommend learning a new language. Remember when you learned SASS? There are snippets that can make your life easier.


Set small goals.


Future Self

Action: I challenge you to write your own letter to yourself and use it as a time capsule to think retrospectively.

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Edidiong Asikpo's photo

I will write this down as well. Thanks for sharing.